Your Allies in Alloys

Avon Specialty Metals Ltd is an award-winning* and internationally recognised metals recycling company based in the UK.

Providing revert management services to blue-chip companies in aerospace, industrial gas turbine (IGT), oil and gas and electronics sectors, ASM’s state-of-the-art ISO 9001 quality assured facility specialises in the recycling of off-exchange minor metals as well as complex nickel and cobalt-based superalloys.

ASM’s products have been independently audited and verified as conflict-free, evidence of its ethical stance as one of the world’s leading recyclers of tantalum, tungsten and cobalt.

ASM has developed unique proprietary cleaning technology allowing for thorough and rapid removal of thermal barrier coatings from engine blade components and the cleaning of electronic scraps. ASM’s market-leading process allows for the full recovery of every element within an alloy, conserving precious natural resources and maximising value for its customers and suppliers.

With core manufacturing roots dating back over 50 years, ASM has unparalleled understanding of the levels of accuracy and attention to detail required to produce and supply products into critical melting applications.

ASM provides the highest levels of quality, integrity and reliability to industrial generators of scrap and melters who are looking to close the loop.

Whether your requirement is 50 kgs of Rhenium pellets or 50 tonnes of vacuum prepared Inconel 718 scrap, ASM is your partner of choice.

*Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: International Trade 2019 and Metals Recycling Business of the Year 2019