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EU REACH Compliance

Avon Specialty Metals Ltd recognise that the REACH Regulation (EC 1907/2006) is a major development in the protection of people and the environment from the effects of chemicals.

We are committed to the aims of this new law and intend to comply fully with its requirements within the timetables set out in the text. We accept that this is our business responsibility, but our approach will be informed by advice from the ECHA - European Chemicals Agency, Cefic - European Chemical Industry Council, REACH Ready and others who advise on good practice.

The effective delivery of the tasks required by REACH requires close cooperation between our company, its suppliers and customers. On occasions we may need to work cooperatively with companies who are our competitors. We are committed to developing the new ways of working to deliver what is required and we expect similar standards of cooperation and commitment from others in our supply chains and beyond.

In our company REACH will affect many parts of the business. Overall responsibility is taken by our Directors. 

Progress on REACH will be monitored by senior management and will be regarded as an indicator of effective performance. 

We will ensure our staff are competent by providing training and support for them and where necessary the use of external expert assistance will be employed.

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