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Nickel Alloys I Cobalt Alloys I Chromium I Tantalum  Niobium I Molybdenum I Tungsten I Titanium I Rhenium  Hafnium I Zirconium I Vanadium I Rare Earths I Master Alloys

Avon Specialty Metals  is one of the world's premier metals recycling companies.

UK-based and 100% privately-owned, we specialise in recycling complex Nickel, Cobalt & Iron based superalloy scrap from aerospace and power generation industries along with a variety of exotic metals including Tantalum Niobium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Rhenium, Hafnium, Zirconium, Chromium and Titanium

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to bridge the gap between metal producers and industrial consumers, 

whilst offering high-quality recycled products as a viable alternative.”


Vision Statement

“Our vision is to be the supplier of choice to metal companies globally,

by providing high quality, ethically sourced and eco-friendly raw materials.”

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