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Tantalum (named after the Greek character Tantalus) is a rare, hard, blue-grey refractory metal. It always occurs with the chemically similar Niobium in the mineral ores Tantalite, Columbite and Coltan. Tantalum's main usage is split between two main industries: 

1) Ta is used as an elemental additive in complex nickel/cobalt based superalloys for jet engines and land based gas turbines

2) Ta is used in capacitors for the electronics industry and is found in mobile phones, computers, DVD players and computer game systems.

Avon Specialty Metals is competent in the recycling, processing and trading of the following forms of Tantalum: 

  • Spent sputtering targets - pure and alloyed

  • Turnings

  • Capacitor pins

  • Anodes (grey and coloured)

  • Scrap sheet, bar, plate, rod, foil from industry

  • EICC approved Tantalum ingots

  • Tantalum ingots remelted from scrap

  • Scrap powders

ASM is a certified Conflict Free Downstream Processor by the Conflict Free Smleter Initiative (CFSi), which further galvanizes our strong ethical credentials.

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