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Tungsten (also known as Wolfram) takes its name from the Swedish for heavy metal tungsten. Found in the ores Scheelite and Wolframite, refined Tungsten is a heavy, dense grey metal and has the highest melting point of any metal (3410 degrees C).

Tungsten metal is produced via powder metallurgy; reduction, pressing and sintering. Approximately 50% of Tungsten produced is used in hard metal (Tungsten Carbide) applications such as tools.

Avon Specialty Metals trades in the following forms of Tungsten -

  • Tungsten spent sputtering targets - pure and alloyed (W-Ti, W-Cu, W-Mo, Ta-W)

  • Tungsten scrap - sheet, bar, plate, rod, foil, wire

  • Tungsten Carbide drill tips, sludges, residues, swarfs

  • Densalloy (Mallory 3000) solids & turnings




Avon Specialty Metals does not source any materials from Central Africa, we do not handle ores/concentrates. Our business model is focussed on recycling high grade scrap of known provenance and primary metal products from EICC approved and/or recycled sources.

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