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Tungsten Pano


Tungsten (also known as Wolfram) takes its name from the Swedish for heavy metal tung sten. Found in the ores Scheelite and Wolframite, refined Tungsten is a heavy, dense grey metal and has the highest melting point of any metal (3410 degrees C).


Tungsten metal is produced via powder metallurgy - reduction, pressing and sintering. Approximately 50% of Tungsten produced is used in hard metal (Tungsten Carbide) applications such as tools.


Tungsten is also used extensively in superalloys and high speed steels due to its hardness and density. Tungsten is also used in light bulb filaments, x-ray targets, TIG welding, thermocouples (WRe) and heating elements.


Avon Specialty Metals trades in the following forms of Tungsten -


  • Tungsten spent sputtering targets - pure and alloyed (W-Ti, W-Cu, W-Mo, Ta-W)

  • Tungsten scrap - sheet, bar, plate, rod, foil, wire

  • Tungsten Carbide drill tips, sludges, residues, swarfs

  • Densalloy (Mallory 3000) solids & turnings


ASM is currently in the process of working towards EICC Conflict Free Smelter status, which will further galvanize our strong ethical credentials. We do not source any materials from Central Africa, we do not handle ores/concentrates. Our business model is focussed on recycling high grade scrap of known provenance and primary metal products from EICC approved and/or recycled sources.


Please click here for our Conflict Free Minerals Policy