Niobium, aslo sometimes referred to as Columbium, takes its name from Greek Mythology - Niobe was the daughter of Tantalus. Niobium is a soft grey, ductile metal mainly found in the minerals pyrochlore and columbite.

The main use for Niobium is in alloys, especially steels where it adds strength and superalloys where it imparts temperature stability. As a metal it is also used as an alloy in MRI scanners and particle accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Brazil and Canada are the largest resources of pyrochlore and the largest producers of Niobium products. Annual production is circa 63,000 tonnes per annum.

Avon Specialty Metals trades in the following forms of Niobium -

  • Electron Beam Melted Niobium ingots
  • Niobium spent sputter targets - pure and alloyed (NbZr, NbAl)
  • Niobium scrap - sheet, plate, bar, rod, wire, turnings
  • Nickel Niobium master alloy (60-70% Nb)
  • Ferro Niobium - vacuum and airmelt grades

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